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Moving around.
Desktop: Hold CTRL and drag the screen.
Mobile: Drag quickly to move. Press and hold to start drawing. Pinch to zoom in/out.

Draw boxes. You can resize them later with the Resize tool.

Draw lines. Connect it to another line to change the orientation.

Draw arrows. Connect it to another line to change the orientation.

Draw freehand. Press a character on the keyboard and draw with it.

Erase. Drag out an area to remove its contents from the canvas.

Resize boxes and lines. Drag a line to change its size/shape.

Type text. Click and type where you'd like to add text to the canvas.

Save. Connect to Google Drive to save your work automatically.

Export. Copy your work to use it outside of ASCIIFlow.

Import. Paste ASCII/text to import it onto the canvas.

Clear. Remove the entire contents from the canvas. Can be undone.

Made a mistake? Undo!

Too many Undo's? Redo!

Untitled ASCII Diagram
Edit permissions and manage files in.